UR Security, University Facilities and Services and UR Parking should be commended for working together to bring 113 security cameras to the River Campus, Strong Memorial Hospital, the Eastman School of Music and various parking lots and roadways. The fact that an additional 10-15 cameras will be added to campus demonstrates that Security has the protection of the UR community in mind.

The cameras have served as a valuable resource for the protection of the UR community and have aided in the investigation of incidents and the identification of suspects. While officers certainly cannot be replaced by cameras, the cameras may be able to prevent vandalism on automobiles and buildings in the future. The cameras will function as a powerful eye that will give Security officers a better picture of a situation before arriving on scene.

Additionally, these cameras assist UR Security in working with the Rochester Police Department to act during incidents and investigate afterwards. The cameras, which have already helped Security officers in the prevention of crime on the River Campus, will undoubtedly serve as an effective tool that will make UR a safer place.

Security has also made good efforts to work with the Students’ Association and students with both Walk for Light and in the respecting of student privacy on campus.

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