The Yellowjackets put forth a good effort this weekend in regional tournament play. Freshman Colleen Cross won her first two matches to advance to the round of 16 at the Intercollegiate Tennis Association Northeast Regional Championships, which were hosted at William Smith College. Fellow freshman Alexa Perry won her opening match in three sets but lost in the second round, while freshman Shivani Kumar lost in the first round but made it to the finals of the consolation draw. Coach Anna Khvalina was impressed by the improvement shown by the number one and two doubles teams, saying that they performed “significantly better than last week.” First doubles teammates Cross and Perry beat St. Lawrence University in the first round, 8-4, but lost to New York University in the round of 16, 8-5. In second doubles, Kumar and junior Jaymi Della fell in the first round to Ithaca’s number one team, but they went on to win three matches to make it to the finals of the consolation draw.Ogorek can be reached at

Long-distance friendships aren’t easy

I miss my friends from home. If you don’t, I’m guessing you either didn’t have friends in high school, or you’re just an emotionless person.

Disgruntled professors launch “Rate My Students”

The courageous can head over to for a conclusive answer to a different question: Just how much do your professors hate your guts?

The latest work at UR’s International Theatre Program unveiled

Written by Sam Chanse, directed by Dominique Rider, and commissioned through alumna Natalie Hurst ‘74 and the New Voice Initiative, the show exhibits the interpersonal conflicts between four women of color as they navigate both a liberally-sensitive workplace and how the differences between them and their colleagues affect their insecurities and treatment of each other.