Mr. Katz declares “an historical examanation of ANSWER exposes the backbone current anti-war movement.” However, in his article Katz only analyzes ANSWER’s ideological postition. Unfortunately Mr. Katz the “backbone” of the anti-war movement is middle America, not ANSWER. Despite making grand generalizations about the anti-war movement or the protest on the 15th of February, Mr. Katz was most likely not at this event. Why you ask? Probably because anyone who is “informed” would know that the protest in New York city in February was not organized by ANSWER, but by United for Peace.Mr. Katz also fails to touch on the real question at the heart of these protests. It is not who organizes the protests, but whether or not America should go to war in Iraq. The focus of the protests was not Isreal. He also does not make any argument for going to war with Iraq. Hence losing the oppurtunity to engage the protesters on the questions they were asking in D.C. and New York by protesting.Finally most of the protester who went to the rallys in D.C. and New York were well aware of ANSWER’s position. In fact they did not go to the rallys out of ignorance as Mr. Katz suggests, but rather they made a strategic decision to prioritize the impending war in Iraq over ANSWER’s rhetoric.

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