Hallo, I am an Honours student in Media at the University of Natal, in Durban South Africa. I am currently about to launch an online newspaper for the students of my campus and would love to liase with people on your team in order to get some sound advice. Your online paper is great and I hope that my publication can live up to your standards.


What UR Wearing – September

Walking around campus I spotted some students and asked them a simple question, “Can you tell me what UR wearing?”

Discouragement, motivation, and other unhelpful tips

Once you make it to hysterical laughter over the thought of the amount of work you have left to do, you’ve reached peak college nihilism. Join the club. I’m so proud of you! /s.

Lost in translation

Once every few years, I got a taste of what it feels to be an outsider in my own culture, peering in. I was a girl lost in translation.