Spies with occult ties? Russian professor stirs controversy amongst colleagues

Visiting Assistant Professor Dmitry Bykov made controversial claims concerning purported occultism amongst Russian secret service members during his April 2…

Latin honors restructuring approved after SA push

SA endorsed a report March 4 pushing the University administration to make its Latin honors system more “equitable.”  Latin honors…

Mane Event: Loving hair to celebrate Black History Month

The Kearns Center's Mane Event, part of UR's Black History Month programming, intended to help students understand more about hair care.


There’s always time for drag: Mrs. Kasha Davis and Aggy Dune visit campus

Growing up, Mrs. Kasha Davis and Aggy Dune didn’t expect to be drag queens. Femininity, and everything associated with it,…

Best Buddies: A club about friendship and inclusivity

Founded in 1987 by Anthony Shriver at Georgetown University, Best Buddies has grown into an international nonprofit comprising a network of chapters dedicated to promoting a more inclusive community for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Behind After Hour’s annual Valentine’s Day serenades

After Hours hopes to remain the only group on campus that holds these holiday-specific performances, as it is now their unique and annual tradition. “We’re the best group to do it, because we’re the sexiest group on campus,” Scharf and Halpern said at the same time.