Protesters find hidden writings on Jaeger’s school site

Jaeger said the page originated from his pre-grad school and grad-school days and was a place for him and friends to exchanged poetry and other writings.

Seligman faces hundreds as campus outrage peaks

Seligman told the audience that the pain and frustration he feels over this situation “is as acute as anything I’ve felt in my 12-plus years here,” but many called this — and the entire forum — just lip service.

Jaeger to cease teaching undergraduate class

T. Florian Jaeger, the professor accused in the sexual harassment complaint against UR that has consumed campus, will no longer…


Rocky: who are they?

Howard Garnish ’27, a former writer for Campus Times, is usually  credited for the inception of the “Yellowjackets” in 1925.…

Wyoma Best, a local icon

In life, Wyoma Best was a pioneer. She was the first African American woman to serve on the Rochester City…

Recent grad highlights potential for start-ups in school

With the start of the new school year comes a new opportunity for students to earn a little money, fundraise…