Millions watch her YouTube videos. Her stars? American Girl Dolls.

Anna writes the script for each video, sews the costumes for the dolls, assembles royalty-free soundtracks, records the voiceovers for each character (her favorite part), and tediously films the stop-motion action.

In interview, Burke talks UR’s sexual misconduct situation

"Healing has to happen collectively. It can’t just be the students getting everything they want or the administration getting everything they want, there has to be a collective healing on the campus, so that it is actual and it’s real."

Diet issues hit Dining Services

Danforth prides itself for being a nut-free facility. However, Montague, who has a life-threatening nut allergy, encountered a sign that said a desert had almonds in it.


This week in the Campus Times: Feb. 19

The design for the Eastman School of Music is submitted by architects, who designed the building in the style of the Italian Renaissance.

Rare Books galleries a treasure

The display cases of Friedlander Lobby are the most immediately noticeable of the exhibits presented by Rare Books, which include cases in the Great Hall of Rush Rhees and the principal exhibit within the department just adjacent to the Great Hall.

This week in the Campus Times: Feb. 12

The Student Activities Office installed the first computer in the country used to keep track of room reservations in Wilson Commons.