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Panel links Ferguson, Missouri to Rochester’s past and present

This past Monday, a panel organized by Assistant Professor of Anthropology Kristin Doughty used the Rochester Race Riots of 1964 and the recent events in ...


Greek week debuts community service collaboration

UR fraternities and sororities spent the morning of Saturday, Sept. 13 doing outdoor community service at Mount Hope Cemetery and with the 19th Ward Community ...


Adopt-A-Hall program aims to change dynamic between students and Public Safety officers

UR Public Safety has implemented a new Adopt-A-Hall program in order to “bridge the gap between students and public safety”, according to Public Safety Lieutenant ...


Voices from inside the “hotel dorm”

For the past several weeks, the ongoing construction at Brooks Crossing has forced its residents into Staybridge Suites and the Radisson Hotel Rochester downtown, giving ...


Creative, offbeat humor plays on campus culture

Left to right: Comedians Ron Funches, Nick Vatterott, and Michael Ian Black perform in Strong Auditorium on Saturday, Sept. 6. New and returning students packed ...


STEM invites community to Family Science Day

The Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)  Initiative organization on campus hosted their first annual Family Science Day for young students and their families at ...


Wanted Man Browses Books

1. On Sept. 9, 2014 at 1:59pm, the bookstore staff alerted Public Safety to a suspicious male in the building. The workers recognized this male ...

Bookstore prepares for college town movein

The River Campus and Medical Center bookstores will be closed for movement to their new location at College Town on Friday, Sept. 26 at 5p.m. According ...

Panel links Ferguson, Missouri to Rochester’s past and present

This past Monday, a panel organized by Assistant Professor of Anthropology Kristin Doughty used the Rochester Race Riots of 1964 and the recent events in ...

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The real reason Rochester got number six in dining

This year, UR was ranked 6th nationally in dining by a website called the Daily Meal, well-known for its yearly rankings of the nation’s collegiate ...

Don’t mess with my Meatless Monday

Meatless Monday, to those who subscribe to an animal flesh and secretions-heavy diet, is a nightmare. There are no crispy cows served on a bun, ...

The future of interstellar travel

It’s finally here. This past Tuesday, a contract from NASA was signed that would lead Boeing and SpaceX to develop and engage in manned space ...

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Jodi Says: The Five-Year Plan

I am an adult, but only barely. I’m old enough to have sex and make responsible decisions, but let’s be real: I can’t be trusted ...

UR Tech: Why tech secrets aren’t really secrets

Last week’s Apple press conference seemed like a guarded trove of secrets. Sessions for the conference were given teasing names like “We Have To Keep ...

Checklist for a semester abroad

Last semester, I studied Italian language and culture in the beautiful, bustling city of Rome, Italy with the Institute for the International Education of Students ...

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Arts & Entertainment

CT Recommends: The Mindy Project

The “Mindy Project” is the little show that could. It started off with dismal critical reviews caused by its poor writing and acting. There were ...

‘Strange Surroundings’ tells a tale of the future

Hartnett Art Gallery will be holding its “Strange Surroundings” exhibit until Oct. 5. If you happen to pass by Hartnett Gallery right now, you can’t ...

Kanye West and Paul McCartney collaborate to change the world

If you were in touch with the news at all this summer, you’ve heard that these days, not many people are cooperating. Russia and the ...

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The Toronto Raptors: Rise of Ruse?

Max Eber shares his thoughts on the Toronto Raptors.

Mara Karpp – Women’s Lacrosse

Athlete of the Week Mara Karpp shares her thoughts on college and lacrosse.

Draft tracker: Offensive Guard prospects

Adam Ondo offers his thoughts on defensive tackle prospects.

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Entire Sophomore class gets locked out of housing

Dreams were shattered. Hopes were dashed. This week, thousands of students jockeyed for spots in the housing lottery. Random times were given to students to sign ...

Jeff Howard is the man, man.

Jeff Howard is one of the best Arts and Entertainment editors around. Also, his contributions to the humor section have helped Campus Times rival the ...

Still poking fun at the news

1. A squirrel in a Fort Wayne community center got into the electrical system and ended up costing the center $300,000 worth of damage. After ...

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