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Dialogue of the Carmelites National ‘Common Core’ standards, changing education on all levels grandbudapesthotel
Dialogue of the Carmelites

“Dialogues of the Carmelites” captivates

Courtesy of Michael Radigan “Dialogues of the Carmelites” by Francis Poulenc performed last week at Eastman, and it was an absolutely fantastic show. It was ...

National ‘Common Core’ standards, changing education on all levels

National ‘Common Core’ standards, changing education on all levels

Liz Beson, Illustrator The Common Core State Standards (CCSS), an educational initiative for kindergarten through 12th grade designed to mandate the content taught at each ...


‘Grand Budapest Hotel’: subtlety is beauty

Liz Beson, Illustrator All discussions of Wes Anderson or his films begin with a mention or discussion of his idiosyncratic style. Anderson’s films are known ...

Wegman Family Charitable Foundation donates $17 million

On Tuesday, April 1, UR President Joel Seligman announced The Wegman Family Charitable Foundation made a $10 million gift to the University’s Institute for Data ...

University mourns the loss Juliette Richard

UR freshman Juliette Richard was found dead in her room in Hoeing Hall this past Saturday, March 29. Amanda Van Auken, who originally found Richard around ...


Routine blood transfusions may decrease infection rates

Restrictive criteria for the use of routine blood transfusions in hospitals may help decrease infection rates in patients, according to a meta-analysis in The Journal ...

Experts discuss future of finance in the U.S.

Three panelists came together at UR to discuss the future of finance in the U.S. on Tuesday, April 8. The program was organized by Politics and ...

Seligman addresses heroin allegations

UR President Joel Seligman sent out an email announcement to all students last Friday, addressing the use of heroin on the UR campus. He later ...

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Death of the vegetarian lifestyle

Seven years ago, I woke up one morning and decided to become a vegetarian cold turkey. In my then-crazed obsession with the Beatles, I thought ...

Make meliora a reality: what’s wrong with UR

I love this university, but I feel a responsibility as a senior to identify some problems here, so that they might be corrected. Meliora must ...

E-Cigs: Good & Bad

Every year, we’re saying goodbye to more and more familiar analog items. As electronics continue to become smaller and more efficient, everything is going digital. ...

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Provo 2


UR Athletic Equipment Manager, man or legend?

Parents aren’t always right, but then sometimes they are. It can take us by surprise and often takes us a little while to realize it. ...

UR Robotics: Developing applicable technology

Long after most people have left for the weekend, a handful of students sit bent over keyboards and textbooks in a lab tucked away on ...

UR Tech: All my vices are devices

Can hyperactive, online  communication decrease your focus and impact your study productivity? It’s a normal weekday afternoon when your head snaps up from your laptop and ...

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Arts & Entertainment

A universal language, a personal story

Liz Beson / Illustrator As per usual, the YellowJackets blew audience members away when they performed on Friday, April 4 in Strong Auditorium. After they graced ...

Turkuaz: dancing the distractions away

Tiffany White / Illustrator They say today’s music looks to the past to move forward, but does it really? In a sense, sure – Daft ...

Stadium-sized ambition, small town soul

On Tuesday, April 8 the X Ambassadors, a Brooklyn-based alt-pop quartet, played Rochester’s Bugjar.   I  interviewed the band’s  frontman, Sam Harris, a few weeks ...

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The Toronto Raptors: Rise of Ruse?

Max Eber shares his thoughts on the Toronto Raptors.

Mara Karpp – Women’s Lacrosse

Athlete of the Week Mara Karpp shares her thoughts on college and lacrosse.

Draft tracker: Offensive Guard prospects

Adam Ondo offers his thoughts on defensive tackle prospects.

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The life of a raindrop, as written by a raindrop

From the clouds I fall, like a skydiver without a parachute. I’m the equivalent of a human-daredevil, except there’s no risk in a failed landing, ...

Student Profile: Michael Kaplan (’17)

Michael was born in a log cabin that he built by himself. At the age of two, he successfully completed Oregon Trail without ever having to ...

Student buys Starbucks’ Ham and Cheese Square for some incomprehensible reason

On Monday morning, UR freshman Chandler Ross ordered a Ham and Cheese Square from the on-campus Starbucks just before running to his 9:40am computer science ...

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