Students question planned iZone

With the construction of the Barbara J. Burger iZone slated for May, students who attended last Tuesday’s River Campus Libraries (RCL) Forum questioned the new space’s practicality.

SafeZone training sparks dialogue

The monthly training sessions were designed to spark dialogue and increase understanding of the issues facing the LGBT community.

DLH event offers lesson in protesters’ rights

The evening would address the topic of black activism in a broad sense, with a focus on the legal rights of protesters and other activists.


It’s about the journey, not the destination

The first step is to ensure consent among all parties. The next step is to get down and dirty.

Deli Sandro’s next big move

Deli Sandro's is moving...across the street.

Senior empowers students to celebrate diversity

“Whether it means taking it all in, stepping back, or reevaluating, sometimes I need to be reminded that I’m human,” she says.