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In advocacy for student activism

There is always something worth speaking about, whether it pertains to issues within our own nation or those across the globe.

Rochester community honors Tyre Nichols with vigil

The horrific footage of the killing of Tyre Nichols invoked a national response upon its release, with protests and vigils being held in major cities.

Panel celebrates 50 years of LGBTQ+ activism, Todd Union’s history

The University held a Meliora Weekend panel celebrating Todd Union's history as the home of UR's Gay Liberation Front.

New Technology Revolutionizes Student-Campaigning

With fresh eyes and even fresher 12-packs of multicolored chalk, candidates have taken to the sidewalks to quite literally get their name out there.

Wilson Day panelists give advice on getting engaged in the community

First-years packed Strong Auditorium Friday for a panel discussion about university resources that can help them engage with the Rochester…

Call to action against crisis pregnancy centers caps off summer of abortion-rights protests

The public announcement of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade in early May kicked off a summer of abortion-rights…

This is what cancel culture taken too far actually looks like

The right absolutely loves it when the left eats their own. Because it makes us weaker.

JMUF advocates for Uyghurs at Hillel’s Sukkah

On Sept. 21, the UR Jewish community came together under Hillel’s Sukkah to discuss the oppression that Uyghur Muslims in China face today. JMUF head, junior Kinneret Katz, helped lead a discussion on Jewish advocacy for Uyghurs.

Corporations need to do more to protest Georgia’s new voting law

Corporations have political clout, and it’s about time they used it for good.

How student turnover halts campus activism

How are students supposed to change that when we’re graduating faster than the University can fire a single sexual harasser?