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Publications and pandemics

We had finally adjusted to the new “normal”. And then it changed once again.

How far off is “Don’t Look Up” from real life?

The film also resonates as an allegory for the pandemic response by our distracted, capitalist country.

UR online until at least Jan. 31, students without approval to remain at home

Students will not be allowed on campus early unless granted permission by the University.

Booster shots, negative COVID-19 test required for spring semester

A COVID-19 booster shot will be required to return to campus in spring for all students eligible to receive one.

UR responds to Omicron variant

New York Governor Kathy Hochul has declared a state of emergency, which went into effect Friday.

My patience with the unvaccinated is wearing thin

When you refuse vaccination, you’re prolonging the pandemic and making it more dangerous for everybody — not just yourself.

It’s time to keep our heads down (and masks on)

Let’s focus on what we can change, and channel our efforts into pushing for improvements that are possible.

Where’d all the time go?

Our lives are just about to begin, but in order for that to happen, our days of semi-reckless freedom must end.

COVID-19 updates: Cases rise in time for student arrival 

As the Delta variant spreads and students return to campus, new COVID-19 school-wide policies have been put in place for…

COVID-19 variants to form new fraternity

COVID Delta Lambda hopes to change the college experience for anyone attempting to get an education in the next decade (or eternity).