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Inside the planning process behind UR’s first sustainability plan

In 2019, Murphy and a small group of other students formed UR Students for a Climate Action Plan (URCAP) to push UR to follow its peers’ lead and adopt an urgently needed climate plan. Though student-driven, URCAP wasn’t affiliated with the University in any official capacity.

UR affiliate aims to return Rochester to its former tech hub glory

NextCorps is a Rochester-based non-profit and UR affiliate helping local tech startups get off the ground. Their hope is to see our region become one of the nation’s top tech hubs.

Hypocrisy abounds in discussion around Ukraine

It is not a contradiction to say that other conflicts don’t get adequate attention and concern while also making a clear statement that what is happening to Ukraine is tragic, wrong, and unacceptable.

This is what cancel culture taken too far actually looks like

The right absolutely loves it when the left eats their own. Because it makes us weaker.

My patience with the unvaccinated is wearing thin

When you refuse vaccination, you’re prolonging the pandemic and making it more dangerous for everybody — not just yourself.

Still no justice for Daniel Prude

Chauvin’s conviction doesn’t prove that the system is just or fixed.

UR Alum and Ex-Trump aide reveals former president thought COVID-19 was Xi Jinping prank

Desperate not to be the victim of yet another one of Xi’s pranks, Trump ignored what he saw as a fake crisis.

Rocky gets Queer Eye makeover

UR’s beloved mascot, Rocky the Yellowjacket, has gotten another makeover — this time with the help of the Fab Five from “Queer Eye.”

Where are all the good cops?

You simply cannot be a good cop if you ally with (or even stay silent about) the ones who kill, maim, and traumatize.

All of Rochester is depending on all of us

There is a special kind of irony in a student receiving the privilege of a higher education transmitting a deadly disease to some of the most vulnerable people in the nation.