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CT Interviews: Aubrey Plaza

"Editors note: The featured image was added to the article on Wednesday, September 14, 2022." Last week, the Student Programming…

Senior year… can hardly believe it

It’s scary getting older. It’s even scarier closing a chapter of your life.

The flags are back!

Now, underclassmen can witness the flag lounge in all its glory.

CT community mourns alum Miguel Rodriguez

Miguel’s story is a testament to the Campus Times as an organization. His death inspired an immediate reaction from those that cared about him.

Publications and pandemics

We had finally adjusted to the new “normal”. And then it changed once again.

Men and women’s Ultimate Frisbee qualify for nationals, raises funds within the week

Rarely can the words “Nationals Qualifying” and “UR sports” be said in the same sentence, but both the Men’s Ultimate Frisbee and Women’s Ultimate Frisbee teams have made the impossible happen. As soon as UR finals end, the EZs (women’s) and Piggies (men’s) will be traveling to Norco, California for the national USA Ultimate College Championships.

Snail Mail shows maturity and lyricism in new album ‘Valentine’

A departure from her debut album “Lush,” Jordan moves from unrequited love onto love that’s been had and then lost.

Nothing Beets College Night at the Westside Farmers Market

As a Genesee St. resident, this wasn’t my first time at the market, but I was excited to see the special events included for College Night.

Where’d all the time go?

Our lives are just about to begin, but in order for that to happen, our days of semi-reckless freedom must end.

Jesse McCartney’s mediocre soul takes center stage at Yellow Jacket Weekend

An epic throwback to the early 2000s is exactly what we need to remind us of what once was as we “return” from the pandemic. However, while a traditional Yellowjacket Weekend performance might have been what was needed to welcome the return of our in-person semester, Jesse had other plans.