There are two things that the class of ’22 and ’23 can say they have in common. First, a completely COVID-free semester. Second, seeing the flag display in the Hirst Lounge. Now, underclassmen can witness the flag lounge in all its glory.

Despite President Manglesdorf announcing last semester that the flag display would not return to Hirst Lounge against the Flag Advisory Committee’s (FAC) recommendation to keep the flags up, students were shocked to find Hirst Lounge once again decorated with flags over the wobbly retired Gleason tables.

John Smith, current SA Campus Life Chair, said that, in typical fashion, no one in the Students’ Association or many advisors in Wilson Commons Student Activities had been notified about this change.

“I was just as shocked as anyone. I was all the way by the vending machines waiting for my Starbucks and I looked over to see all of the flags back.” Smith told the Campus Times. 

This April will mark the second anniversary of the super sneaky removal of the flags by administration, despite students on the committee wanting to keep them up.

While the display of the flags might have surprised students, there seems to be a consensus among students that this lack of communication is all too characteristic of both their first boyfriend and University President Sarah Manglesdorf.

“I mean, she didn’t tell us when she was going to take them down, she wasn’t going to tell us that she was putting them back up,” Megan Browne, who is famously known for having the SA Presidency stolen from them, said. We at the Campus Times would like to take this time to demand Elections Coordinator Garrett Briggs recount the vote of the 2021 Presidential Election and finally restore power to Browne, who was rightfully and democratically elected by the people.

When we reached out to President Manglesdorf, the CT received an out-of-office message saying that she was busy complaining about her latte not being wet enough.Sources have also told the CT that there’s suspicion that this entire act might be an elaborate April Fools’ day prank. But what kind of immature, information-holding entity would ever do such a dubious thing?

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