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D-Day has improved significantly since last year, students say

"Editors note: These articles were originally published on Tuesday April 26, 2022 in the last print edition of the spring…

Mujeres Divinas NUEVA York seek feminist change for migrant farmworkers 

“I think we’re in a time where as women, we should be helping each other, not pitting ourselves against each other. Because we know when we see women coming together, and uniting, we can change not only our community but the world.” 

Lomi, first ever automated compost system, to be on campus in GreenSpace

“I feel that no one is exempt from taking responsibility for taking care of the environment. We all as living beings who live off the Earth have a responsibility to take care of the environment.”

February clothing exchange advocates for sustainable community

On Feb. 23, environmental advocacy student group Grassroots hosted its monthly clothing exchange. The clothing exchange is a free activity on campus where students can donate clothes in exchange for new ones. 

UR problematic: A reflection on toxic academic merit

There are instances in the academic world, especially, where we as students should be allowed to let go of our studies, of our skills, and our studious perspectives that have been ingrained into us for so long by the academic merit of achieving critical thinking in all realms of disciplines.

Sustainability seminar discusses new research in wetland restoration 

Despite the complications with an increase in development and industrialization, Tyler says there is worthwhile intervention in actively restoring wetlands.

In-person learning is now mandatory 

According to Runner, in-person learning will now be required for all students, and “[s]tudents will not be allowed to learn remotely for any longer time period.”

2022 Commencement to be in-person

Due to the pandemic, all in-person traditions have been postponed or significantly altered until now.

Approval needed for student employees on campus, study abroad programs not affected

Students who stayed over break who hadn’t been working but “whose jobs became necessary when we re-started classes remotely” were compiled “in a list of names and why the duties were necessary for re-starting the semester, and then those names were submitted to the Interim Provost (Sarah Peyre) for her approval."

Snowstorm’s possible link to climate change, impact on vulnerable residents

During storms such as last week’s storm, which hit Rochester Sunday evening into Monday, communities can be greatly impacted by a lack of access to transportation, adequate housing, and food.