Jeffrey Runner announced in a Feb. 1 email that as of the return of in-person classes on Jan. 31st, all students are expected to be on campus or traveling back to campus. The email said that if students were still en route to campus, then they were required to return by Sunday, Feb. 6. 

According to Runner, in-person learning will now be required for all students, and “[s]tudents will not be allowed to learn remotely for any longer time period.” If students are unable to arrive by Feb. 14, they are required to seek approval from the dean by emailing providing “a clear and documented summary of their situation.” It was noted that approvals are not guaranteed. Highlighted in the email was that if unable to attend in-person, students must communicate with their instructors about their delay to return and “take responsibility for keeping up with coursework.” 

The email also addressed that there will be no permission to learn remotely for longer periods of time. Students will be required to take a leave of absence for the semester if they are unable to return. According to Runner, “Tuition refunds would be prorated per our existing policy.” 

As students returned to campus, the email linked an outline to COVID-19 guidelines, including uploading a negative COVID-19 test to the UHS portal prior to their arrival. Proof of a booster shot is also required to be uploaded to UHSConnect and must be received by Feb. 1, or within 30 days of eligibility if that is a later date. 

The University now requires that all students, staff, and faculty wear surgical, N95, KN95, and KF95 masks. Cloth masks are no longer permitted unless worn as a second layer over their surgical, N95, or KN95 mask. This policy includes vaccinated individuals, and is applied to all UR campus or property indoor spaces. 

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