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‘Speak No Evil’ is so AAAAAAAAAAAAAH

"Speak No Evil" is one of the best movies I’ve seen this year. But if I recommend it, nobody will ever talk to me again.

Please play ‘Scarlet Hollow,’ I’m asking so nicely

The mystery at its heart encompasses omens of doom, generational curses, ghosts, and physical horror. Please play it; it’s very good and there is a possum.

‘Smile’: or, a eulogy for Mustache

Creepy smiles, good scares, dead cat. Four out of five stars.

ASMR ruined my life, kidnapped my cat, and broke my headphones

There was something about a total stranger greeting me with a whispered “Hi, friend :)” and then pretending to touch my face that freaked me out.

Corey recommends ‘The Quarry’

The Quarry is not without flaw, but it’s exactly the kind of game I was hoping it would be, with gory effects and compelling characters.

‘First Kill’ deserved a second season

“First Kill” wasn’t canceled because it was bad. It was canceled because it was fun.

The Chaplin Disease: Joss Whedon and power

Whedon sees himself as a feminist because he idolizes the feminine. All he asks is that he be worshipped as a god, because as a man, he doesn’t really hold up to criticism.

How to act like an adult even though there’s actually no point in existing anymore

Back then when it was fashionable to spread your face germs all over other people’s face germs at face germ-sharing parties, college life was nothing but bliss. So why aren’t you happy?

Booster shots, negative COVID-19 test required for spring semester

A COVID-19 booster shot will be required to return to campus in spring for all students eligible to receive one.

Don’t force people to fight for their mental health

The boundaries that do exist are there to stop healthy students from taking advantage of something they don’t need.