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You can’t go back in the closet

Throughout show-Heartstopper’s skyrocketing popularity, Connor evaded questions about his sexuality. So, how did we end up here?

‘Do Revenge’: an homage to the enraged teenage girl

Both female leads of "Do Revenge" were rage-filled, unhinged young women. And I loved them for that. Finally, I saw myself on screen.

‘First Kill’ deserved a second season

“First Kill” wasn’t canceled because it was bad. It was canceled because it was fun.

How far off is “Don’t Look Up” from real life?

The film also resonates as an allegory for the pandemic response by our distracted, capitalist country.

ToddX brings tales of Meat Loaf, nudity, and more

From Buzzfeed to Broadway lighting, the first ever ToddX brought an array of alumni from the entertainment industry to Todd…

What Netflix’s ‘Ghoul’ tells us about the future of film

Despite its marketing material, Netflix’s new miniseries “Ghoul” is not horror. It is, however, everything else. Where do I start…

‘Get Down’ not a let down

The show constantly feels like it’s on the verge of being something that I’d love and would watch over and over again, but it never gets there.

One star movie inspires five star thoughts

I open up Netflix on my laptop. It is time to get stupid.