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It was a dark week in the history of Riverview G-401. It all started with the downfall of one unsuspecting…

2022 is “MY” year

Isn’t it absolutely bonkers that every year, we subject ourselves to the idea of keeping up with one particular “promise” for the entire year, when most of us can’t even stick to the same Starbucks order for more than a week?

A guide to doing ‘nothing’

So go on, don’t feel guilty about doing nothing after finals. Start that Marvel movie marathon you’ve always wanted to.

Muskaan’s Musings: What the flag lounge meant to me

I’m not sure I even knew that “the flag lounge” was actually called Hirst Lounge, and until the flags were gone, no one else really did either.

Muskaan’s Musings: Reality TV isn’t that bad

So how does an international student and no-bullshit STEM major get sucked in by the blackhole that is reality TV?

Muskaan’s Musings: Getting back in the game

I dislike syllabus week as much as the next student, but I’d rather have that than five weekend deadlines sitting on my Blackboard.

Muskaan’s Musings, orientation edition

Three years doesn’t seem like a long time, but it feels like an eternity considering the countless experiences I’ve had on this campus.

Muskaan’s Musings: A hug on a plate

What’s the quickest, fastest, and most effective way to cure homesickness?

Muskaan’s Musings: UR’s housing Hunger Games need an update

The housing lottery is an arduous, emotionally taxing, and needlessly stressful system.

Muskaan’s Musings: How can we shake burnout?

The new normal just isn’t working.