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SDS protests field student support, concerns about administration

Last week, as the University ran its annual housing lottery for the upcoming year, SDS continued their protest on housing…

SDS camps out in protest of University housing issues

Beginning Saturday, April 15 and running through Monday, April 17, the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) is staging a…

RA pay is not equal

Paying for housing for all RAs seems fair at face value, but it results in uneven compensation for the same amount of work.

Displaced students weigh in on renters insurance debate

The reality is that floods like the one in Brooks Crossings are random accidents that occur once in a while, and many students were not prepared for an accident of this sort and thus uninsured.

The issue with UR’s Greek life housing

That was when I found out that sororities at UR don’t get houses — only the fraternities do.

UR’s housing crisis, analyzed

UR’s housing problem is not new. Now, with students scrambling for housing, administration is left with limited options.

Snowstorm’s possible link to climate change, impact on vulnerable residents

During storms such as last week’s storm, which hit Rochester Sunday evening into Monday, communities can be greatly impacted by a lack of access to transportation, adequate housing, and food. 

Muskaan’s Musings: UR’s housing Hunger Games need an update

The housing lottery is an arduous, emotionally taxing, and needlessly stressful system.

A review of on-campus upperclassmen housing

You’re going to want to know what you’re getting yourself into when you pick a dorm, and the University’s “all housing is great housing” website descriptions won’t cut it.