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The Marriage Pact and modern loneliness: It’s too good to be true

What’s important to keep in mind though, is that lonely people are easy to prey on.

Muskaan’s Musings: No body is perfect

Most people think this best version of themselves is that social construct in their brains. I need you to understand that this isn’t the case.

Muskaan’s Musings: Will coming back to Rochester be worth it?

I don’t know If I’ll get to enjoy even a fraction of the aspects of college life I took for granted before COVID-19.

Why dining halls should give Meatless Mondays a shot

Forgoing meat is a conscious and thoughtful choice that people make because they think that easing the burden on our earth is more important than satisfying their taste buds.

Morbid curiosity: What’s so interesting about true crime?

Truth is stranger than fiction, because fiction is obliged to stick to believable possibilities, and truth isn’t.

Nobel by blood

For a prize that’s considered to be the pinnacle of achievement in any field, there’s a conservative distribution among extremely similar looking people.

Consider a social media detox. Seriously.

It’s a wonderful way to stay in touch with people, but sometimes I wonder if we’re losing touch with ourselves in the process.

My awakening to American racism

I never even considered that this disease which seemed so far in the past was still very prevalent. 

Could 2021 be mask-free?

We certainly have a long way to go in terms of production and distribution even after the vaccine arrives, but a girl can dream, right?

The FOMO of an online semester

In this “semester like never before,” the key is to get creative.