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Muskaan’s Musings: A hug on a plate

What’s the quickest, fastest, and most effective way to cure homesickness?

Freshman Cooking Basics: Ramen

If you’re not willing to compromise in the carcinogen category, I’d opt for Maggi noodles, which contain 25% more lead and MSG than Maruchan ramen noodles.

CT Spooky: Meliora Witches Brew

From your campus demon girl who lives in the tunnels, this somewhat involved recipe will make the dead rise from the grave just to get a taste! 

CT Cooks: Kale power bowl

A lot of people think that a poached egg is a fancy thing that’s impossible to make — that can’t be further from the truth.

Not Vanilla: The joys of watching people cook

Recently, I’ve realized I watch a large amount of cooking shows and videos. I came to this conclusion when the…