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“Late Night with the Devil”: A promising satirical horror film tainted by AI

“Late Night with the Devil” is a creative found-footage horror movie that originally premiered at the South by Southwest Film…

Revisiting Paramore’s self-titled album ten years later

Paramore released their self-titled album worldwide on April 9, 2013, and it immediately received praise. The song “Ain’t It Fun”…

We need to talk about parasocial relationships

Parasocial relationships were once seen as harmless. Now we're seeing how obsessing over a public figure’s life can turn harmful. 

Yayoi Kusama’s wonderful “Infinity Mirrored Room” open at the MAG

Her art typically depicts obsessive repetition through the use of lighting and mirrors — shown very obviously in the Mirrored Room.

Let’s get lost! A wholesome travel tale

I’ve traveled abroad myself and can tell you two essentials you must bring along — a friend who can speak Spanish, and a pair of nice tits.

Losing a love that was never yours

You kept me in this precarious limbo between platonic friendship and an unreciprocated crush for your own entertainment.

Missing person case highlights University’s failings

While I’m disappointed in the University’s lack of response to Professor Rantakari’s disappearance, I can’t say I’m surprised. 

Exclusive Mountain Dew flavors (and where to find them)

Everyone reading this has most likely heard about Mountain Dew’s Baja Blast, an exclusive Taco Bell flavor that is now…

Students abuzz on Meliora Weekend

Meliora Weekend: the University’s three-day-long event intended to celebrate alumni, current students, and their families. Everyone knows the feeling of…

Food Truck Rodeo: a Rochester Summer tradition for 12 years

The Food Truck Rodeo is a favorite amongst locals for a reason: it’s a wonderful opportunity to familiarize yourself with and support local businesses.