Everyone reading this has most likely heard about Mountain Dew’s Baja Blast, an exclusive Taco Bell flavor that is now bottled and sold in many other establishments. I don’t eat at Taco Bell for many reasons, but I will say that I understand the Baja Blast hype. The tropical Mountain Dew flavor is a tried and true fan favorite. 

Baja Blast isn’t the only exclusive Mountain Dew flavor sold only at select stores and restaurants, though. I recently returned to my home state of Iowa and went to a regional gas station chain and picked up my all-time favorite Mountain Dew flavor: Mountain Dew Overdrive. It was while I was guzzling down a 52 oz fountain cup of straight Mountain Dew at 10:30 a.m. that I wondered: What other exclusive Mountain Dew flavors are there? 

So I conducted a thorough, in-depth, journalistic investigation (found on the Mountain Dew Wiki page) to give YOU, the lovely Campus Times readers, a comprehensive list of currently running exclusive Mountain Dew flavors, and of course, where you can find them. 

Mountain Dew Overdrive

This Citrus Punch (raspberry-lime-mango) flavored Dew is a Casey’s General Store exclusive. For those who may not know, Casey’s is a popular midwestern gas station chain, so you’ll only be able to find these in the states where livestock outnumber actual human beings. The good news is that this one is going to be on all Casey’s stores’ fountain soda machines, so you can get it by the massive, styrofoam-cup full. 

Electric Apple Mountain Dew

Exclusively served at Villa Italian Kitchen restaurants, this Mountain Dew flavor is, you guessed it, apple! Literally, it’s just Mountain Dew with green apple flavor syrup in it. The soda debuted in 2013 and has been a permanent flavor at Villa Italian Kitchens ever since, outliving its Villa companion, Extreme Pomegranate, which was discontinued in 2015. 

Sweet Lightning

This flavor is described to be “sweet peach and smooth honey,” and has an interesting bright yellow color. It is available on fountains at KFC restaurants and debuted in 2019 after Reddit and Discord Dew fans leaked the promotions from PepsiCo. The flavor was actually formulated to specifically pair well with KFC’s fried chicken. For all the diehard Dew drinkers out there, if you find a joint Taco Bell-KFC restaurant, you can get both Baja Blast and Sweet Lightning flavors in one spot. 

Mountain Dew Vibe

Simply dubbed “Vibe,” this Dew flavor is only available at Which Wich restaurants, a chain that specializes in custom sub sandwiches. The lemonade flavor debuted in May 2021, and is advertised as a “fountain soda mix.” Not sure what that means, but if you find it, bring some back for me (you can drop it off at the Campus Times Office with my name on it, they’ll get it).

Mountain Dew Legend

This flavor is a Buffalo Wild Wings exclusive and is described to be a blackberry citrus flavor. BWW also serves this Dew flavor in its Legendary Long Island: a spin on the Long Island Iced Tea which mixes Mountain Dew Legend with vodka, gin, rum, triple sec, lemon sour, and a lemon wedge. Order with caution. 

Dark Berry Bash

Dark Berry’s tagline is “DEW charged with artificial berry flavor,” the berry flavors in question being blue raspberry and blackberry. This Dew is a permanent flavor at Applebee’s restaurants. It was released as a fountain flavor in 2021. 

Solar Flare Dew

Solar Flare is possibly one of the hardest of the exclusive Mountain Dew flavors to find. It was originally released in 2014 to only 7-Eleven gas stations, but in around 2015, all Canadian 7-Elevens and most American locations pulled the flavor from its fountain machines, slurpee lineup, and coolers. The tropical punch-flavored Dew is still available in only a select few 7-Eleven stores in the United States.

Atomic Blue Mountain Dew

This Sheetz gas station exclusive Dew is described to be an “electric lemonade” flavor, which is just marketing-speak for “sour blue raspberry lemonade.” It first was released to Kum & Go and Sheetz stations in 2020, but Kum & Go replaced the flavor later on with Major Melon. 

Purple Thunder Dew

Purple Thunder actually released the same day as Atomic Blue on May 2, 2020. It’s supposed to be a blackberry-plum flavor of Dew, and is exclusive to United States’ Circle K gas stations. It was available for a limited time in Canada as well, even being Kosher certified! Unfortunately, it has since been discontinued. 

Peach Madness (CANCELED?)

This flavor has been the subject of much confusion for Mountain Dew lovers, since it was leaked in August 2023 that Peach Madness would hit the shelves of Wawa gas stations. Much was still unknown about the tentative release when the same observant fan who leaked the information about the product also leaked that Peach Madness was removed from PepsiCo’s innovation calendar. To many, this symbolized the death of the peach-flavored Dew, but I’d still keep your eye out for a possible (albeit unlikely) release in Feb. 2024. 

Maui Burst

This pineapple-flavored Mountain Dew can be found exclusively at Dollar General Stores. It originally launched in 2019 for a limited time, but was reintroduced as a permanent flavor at Dollar General in 2020. 

Frost Bite

Last but not least is Mountain Dew Frost Bite, exclusively found at Walmart stores. The flavor is described as “cool melon,” although this particular Dew drinker is at a loss to understand what flavor that really is. There was a zero-sugar variation of Frost Bite at Walmart as well, but it was discontinued in 2023. 

This article uses material from the “Category: Franchise Exclusive Flavors” article on the Mountain Dew wiki at Fandom and is licensed under the  Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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