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Technology, humanity, and the death of death

I have long felt that the most human phrase of all time is a simple and short one: “I was here.”

Don’t make art because you’re an artist; make art because you’re a human

We don’t participate in art to make something good — we participate in art to make something human.

I’m a fraud, you’re a fraud, we’re all frauds!

Imposter syndrome is the college plague. Why is it so hard to feel like we’re in the right place, and that we deserve to be where we are?

Love is a thing that grows

I didn’t choose piano; for a while, it was more of a nuisance than a hobby. But somehow, sometime, love grew.

Optimism in the face of, well, everything

Hope is gritty, tough, and sharp. It is found deep beneath the surface, and sometimes it’s found at your local summer camp.

Let go of the guilt in guilty pleasures

Wear pink until your skin is stained with it, do your makeup for three hours every morning if you enjoy it, dance your damn heart out to Big Time Rush, or BTS, or whatever makes you happy.

UR dining is the epitome of convenience and class

The dining system here at UR is near-perfect.

Nature versus nurture: Will it be like this forever?

I lived my life between exams, pausing everything in my life for tests. I’d have to learn to deal with it. And deal with it I did — but at a consistent cost to my sanity.

Take control of your inbox (and your life)

When it’s your digital sanity on the line, that effort is certainly worth it.

What I’ve lost and what I’ve become

If you could visit your first-year self — whether that was a few months ago, or a few years — would you recognize each other?