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On speaking in workshop

In theory, workshop is deeply beneficial. I have experienced that, in reality, a hefty anxiety can hinder one from fully utilizing this tool.

Generalized anxiety disorder is not a trend

It could simply be the desire for attention. Whatever the reason, it’s not okay.

Nature versus nurture: Will it be like this forever?

I lived my life between exams, pausing everything in my life for tests. I’d have to learn to deal with it. And deal with it I did — but at a consistent cost to my sanity.

Introversion, as an extrovert

It’s been jarring when I feel myself slipping into a more introverted mindset — where did the me who wanted to be everywhere for everyone go?

Conquering anxiety takes practice

Sometimes I’m stronger than my anxiety, other times my anxiety overpowers me. But I keep trying, and I keep improving.

Campus through the eyes of a ‘socially awkward’ student

With all of the attention on you, you feel the gaze of people across the room like fine needles piercing your skin.