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On speaking in workshop

In theory, workshop is deeply beneficial. I have experienced that, in reality, a hefty anxiety can hinder one from fully utilizing this tool.

Life is pay to win. College? The giant paywall

For a game that preaches freedom of choice, there are an awful lot of decisions essentially made for us. Exhibit A: the decision to play at all.

To all the overachievers out there

If you’re wasting the most amazing years of your life stressing about the future and always working, you’re ruining yourself.

We’re all just hamsters on the wheel of academic validation

Never mind. All the grades were just posted to Blackboard and there is not a single A in sight.

Enough is enough — when to call quits

It seems ludicrous to think that any decision made in your freshman year of high school can have any bearing on your future, let alone dictate the rest of your life, but the reality is that it’s a slippery slope.

You should take journalism classes this spring

There’s a perfect storm of journalism courses being offered this spring, and you should try and take one (or a couple) of them.

I’m a fraud, you’re a fraud, we’re all frauds!

Imposter syndrome is the college plague. Why is it so hard to feel like we’re in the right place, and that we deserve to be where we are?

Academic Rigor? I Barely Know Her

How could I, a student at such an academically rigorous university, be tricked into attending a university that was so academically rigorous??

A look into the new major in the political science department

The motivation for this major is that the Rochester political science department pioneered for the entire world the technical study of politics,” said Gerald Gamm

A guide to passing your midterms

Back-to-back exams, 10-page-plus papers, late-night cram sessions on top of the rest of your homework — the dreaded midterm season is finally here.