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The end of affirmative action

Affirmative action was not, by any means, a perfect system. It was, however, an instrumental step in the right direction.

Why are you in college?

What if we don’t need college at all? What if we do? Let’s explore a bit.

I’m a fraud, you’re a fraud, we’re all frauds!

Imposter syndrome is the college plague. Why is it so hard to feel like we’re in the right place, and that we deserve to be where we are?

Spilling the populari-tea

I didn’t expect that when coming to college, I’d suddenly find myself amidst a crowd of people that not only wanted to know me, but wanted to know things about me — even the not-so-savory things.

On the social archetypes of “good” education

There is value to the broad idea of “teaching students how to think” through liberal arts, but is it really worth forcing students to spend almost two years slogging through classes they may not be remotely interested in?

An ode to being dumb and stupid

I’m a staunch advocate of constantly learning in ways that aren’t directly attributed to your degree plan.

What do you want to get out of college?

I am definitely not saying that you should throw your GPA out the window and go paint all day, but do things with intent.

What I’ve lost and what I’ve become

If you could visit your first-year self — whether that was a few months ago, or a few years — would you recognize each other?

Higher education, goats, and me

I discovered that I really only wanted to do two things — to live a full, passionate life, and to make good art about it.

Introversion and the imposter syndrome in college

Especially for introverts, classes present the tough situation of “putting yourself out there” when you really don’t want to.