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Disobey the no-guest policy as an act of civil disobedience

I encourage the rest of campus to follow suit in my noble endeavor to stop the unjust laws governing our campus and really stick it to the man with me.

A nightmare on fraternity road: sexy Swarm Monitor

Imagine if we didn’t have SWARM monitors at parties, who would tell you to get off the steps?

I have taken the Flag Lounge into my own hands

There were 163 flags hanging in the lounge, each one three by five feet. That’s a lot to just "hide." Where are they now?

Talk to me about anything but COVID-19

While there’s undeniably a lot of material there, COVID-19 jokes are low-hanging fruit.

My dorm is changing

I have left a fourth of my college experience behind, and have an incredibly uncertain future given the circumstances.

The military draft is overtly problematic

The draft has rarely worked out positively in America.

You’re cancelled: a choose your own adventure

Before we decide which adventure to choose, let’s establish that we’re assuming two things: You are very close with a person who did a very bad thing, and that there is evidence that they did it.

Are you there, God? It’s me, Megan

The week before I left for school this summer, my best friend told me, “I had a dream that Evelyn…

My house is changing

And sometimes it’s hard, but this change is a chance to make a new world for myself, in a new place that I get to see change while I do, too.