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Why your New Year’s resolutions should be indulgently impossible

It was two days after New Year’s, but I sat down and made The List anyway just because Why Not.

The controversy over Lunar New Year

You wouldn’t ask non-religious Americans to skip Christmas morning to stare at research papers for a couple hours, so why are you expecting the same from students who simply don’t celebrate the same holidays as you?

2022 is “MY” year

Isn’t it absolutely bonkers that every year, we subject ourselves to the idea of keeping up with one particular “promise” for the entire year, when most of us can’t even stick to the same Starbucks order for more than a week?

UR Snapshots Vol. 5: New Year’s resolutions

"I’d say my resolution is to live a year of unapologetic happiness."

Year of the Pig: Chinese New Year Cook Off

Despite nationwide class cancellations due to the frigid weather, UR students are still going strong. As February opens a new…

New Year’s resolutions are inherently Sisyphean

I tend to approach the New Year and new beginnings with optimism, but that is completely baseless considering the lack…