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The Wilder attack campus climate survey

We can live our “Meliora values” when the university starts listening to survivors to enact real change.

Melanie Throws A Coup

I am tired of the self-serving bureaucracy in the rigid walls of academia standing strong at this institution. So I, like Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball, will knock them down to liberate our society from the siren’s trap of capitalist academia.

The REAL Tips and Tricks for UR First-Years

Leave your bag on a desk in Rush Rhees for HOURS when you’re not there. Super cool dude :)

Message to the UR community on recent controversy

In the spirit of supporting our students and retaining a happy campus, we have decided to create an environment of blissful ignorance.

A guide to Zen: Study space edition

As an ancient ward of the University (also known as a Take Five Scholar), I have completed my journey towards…