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Looking towards Starbucks for my gender

I am genderfluid. On days when Emmely becomes an ill-fitting hat, Starbucks is there to save the day.

Your hair may be fried, but you don’t have to be

Who am I when I’m not new and fresh? This question, to say the least, haunts me.

Code switching and moving between worlds

A big problem with being active in so many worlds is not only the struggle to fit into one world perfectly, but determining when it’s necessary to speak a certain way in a shared environment.

What I’ve lost and what I’ve become

If you could visit your first-year self — whether that was a few months ago, or a few years — would you recognize each other?

I’m more than my MBTI

I was completely unrecognizable, with no authentic bone in my body. As I became more obsessed with the MBTI, my life began to revolve around it, extending towards the people around me.

Call me by my name

I hate that my name has to become a thing the first time I meet someone.

The infinite supermarket of labels

Nowadays, there is a special term for almost everything under the sun.

The privilege of white lies for a biracial Asian-American

Although some people can immediately tell that I’m Asian, there’s an undeniable privilege in knowing that passing as white is even an option for me. While I have had moments like last March where I’ve felt fear because of my race, I’ve never been racially discriminated against, and that’s something I don’t take for granted.

Fragments of an Asian identity

My mother was right. In America, we will always be seen as Asian first and as people second.

You might need a linguistic attitude check

How many friendships and romances never formed because of the biased assumptions we have about language?