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Notes by Nadia: Expressing yourself through fashion

What we wear tells a story about who we are.

What UR Wearing: Halloweekend edition

While Yellowjackets across campus recover from a long weekend of “trick or treating,” here's a recap of the costumes UR students rocked this Halloweekend.

Clothing and you

I never had the chance to meet Marie, but to me, this crewneck reminds me of her legacy.

There’s a dress in my closet

One day I know that I will wear that dress out. I know that it will bring me queer joy.

Notes by Nadia: The evolution of Gen Z fashion

Fashion is an ever-evolving industry. Every new era brings in new looks. But with Gen Z, it’s a different story.

What UR Wearing – September

Walking around campus I spotted some students and asked them a simple question, “Can you tell me what UR wearing?”

No, I’m not unprofessional just because I wear a ___.

While I don’t have a problem with the attire for work itself, restricting self-expression makes company life dull and too old-fashioned.

You can still wear your skinny jeans

With trends moving at breakneck speed, we’re buying more clothes and wearing them for less time. But do we even have to follow trends?

Emo to e-boy: the evolution of a subculture

The e-kid subculture started in 2018, and quickly rose to popularity following the worldwide release of TikTok in the same year.

Not Vanilla: Jewelry City

Reader, recently I’ve been delving back into my collection of jewelry. There are few feelings as exciting as donning the…