The leaves are changing colors, the blistering heat has finally left, and pumpkin spice flavored everything is everywhere. Fall is finally here, which means fall fashion has arrived with it. My pinterest feed is filled with chunky sweaters, oversized leather jackets and tall boots with sheer tights. Terms like “downtown girl,” “balletcore,” “rockstar girlfriend,” and “coquette” are being thrown around the fashion sphere. But what are people at UR actually wearing? Walking around campus I spotted some students and asked them a simple question, “Can you tell me what UR wearing?”

Rocking an adorable grandpa style sweater was junior LMC major Naava Rauvenpoor (@naava.kai). “I thrifted this sweater about 2 years ago,” said Naava. Rauvenpoor’s gray, maroon, and black sweater was paired with a straight leg black jean and some classic doc marten boots. When asked her favorite fall trend, she stuck with the classic knit sweater.

Julia Chotiner (@juliachotiner) is a sophomore studying BME and playing volleyball. Even on that student athlete grind Julia manages to put together the cutest outfits. “I’m wearing some plain denim overalls from Nasty Gal, paired with a [thrifted] brown long-sleeve, with Doc Marten boots paired with a silver locket gifted to me for my graduation.”

Julia Chotiner rocking her denim overalls and Doc Marten boots.

Large necklaces, like what Julia was wearing, have been all the rage these past couple months. Personally, I think these large pendants are absolutely adorable and, when styled correctly, can be the perfect finishing touch to your fall fit.

Another fashion staple this fall is layering. Senior and Digital Media Studies major Dylan Pham definitely got that memo.

Dylan Pham styling his black turtleneck and tee, with a denim jacket and striped pants.

Dylan is wearing a black Uniqlo turtleneck underneath a basic black tee. On top of that, he added a thrifted Levi’s jean jacket paired with some striped Shein pants. Pham finished off the look with some Nike Air Force shoes, a Guess watch, and his “U-of-R, 70,000 dollars-a-year hat.”

As for his favorite fall trend, Pham was partial to cardigans. “I’m on the cardigan wave right now,” he said. “Flannels and cardigans at the moment, then later on, maybe fleeces before we get into parka weather.” Not only are cardigans a great way to keep warm, they can be the perfect way to elevate your outfit.

Next time you’re picking out your outfit, try styling a cropped cardigan with a longer top underneath and some low-waisted pants (as seen below on Bella Hadid). This is a great way to spice up the traditional cardigan and add some dimension to your outfit.

Model Bella Hadid posing in a tiny cardigan, long top, and low-waisted pants.

The weather is getting colder, but don’t let that stop you putting together amazing outfits. I can’t wait to see what “UR” wearing!

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