While Yellowjackets across campus recover from a long weekend of “trick or treating,” I get to indulge in a treat myself — looking back at all the amazing costumes UR students rocked this Halloweekend. 

I saw lots of hot pink and sparkles as students tried to be their best Barbie.

Saige Slater (left) and Ella Hyams as characters from “H20: Just Add Water.”

But that was not the best trend I saw.

Seashells, sparkly fishnets, and turquoise were all the rage as many brought “H2O: Just Add Water” to life by dressing up as mermaids. My favorite recreation of this trend was from sophomores Saige Slater and Ella Hyams. These two siren sisters looked stunning. Slater wore a white two-piece set with iridescent details, while Hyams opted for a gorgeous sparkly teal tube top and mini skirt moment. Both topped off their looks with seashells. After seeing Saige and Ella, it was clear: Aphrodite wasn’t the only one created from sea foam.

Amelia Heilbronn (left) and Kelsey Faranda both dressed up as “Austin Powers” character Vanessa Kensington.

Sophomores Amelia Heilbronn and Kelsey Faranda were another iconic duo. Fembots seem to be the go-to Austin Powers look. The two instead opted for Elizabeth Hurley’s character in “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery” — Vanessa Kensington. Ready to fight crime and solve mysteries, Heilbron and Faranda looked celestial in their chrome outfits.

Another iconic movie character costume was junior Eric Bang’s recreation of a greaser from “The Outsiders.” Converse, cuffed jeans, and a leather bomber made me ask myself if I stepped into a time machine. Bang proved the white-tee James Dean look never goes out of style.

Halloweekend costumes this year referenced everything from old school icons (Eric Bang, right) to modern-day stars (Broderick Sartor, left).

While on my Halloweekend adventure to find the best dressed, I also managed to find Morgan Wallen walking around Rochester. Senior Broderick Sartor brought out his best flannel for this costume. The deer belt buckle, bandana, and his certified-authentic luscious locks brought this look together.

Raina Plaisir (left) and Janelle McNiff opted for a thrifty and political fashion statement this Halloweekend.

Last year, juniors Janelle McNiff and Raina Plaisir killed it as Dr. Phil and Steve Harvey. This year, they were back and better than ever as Queen Elizabeth II and her trusty guard. 

“Raina thought of the costume because she wanted to wear a tall hat,” McNiff said when asked about the inspiration. “We also needed to match the level of our last two years.” Matched? I think they raised the bar. They also found items for their costumes at Goodwill and Amazon, proving that an amazing costume doesn’t have to break the bank.

Gianna Ferraro recreated the cartoon celebrity Betty Boop with some handy makeup skills.

At the end of the weekend, my favorite costume I saw came from sophomore Gianna Ferraro. Ferraro dressed up as cartoon character Betty Boop. With her curled bob, super long eyelashes, and bold red lips, Ferraro nailed it. Betty Boop is such a quintessential costume — and I only saw two don the look this year, Ferraro and Ice Spice, an icon in her own right. While Ms. Spice looked stunning, I think Ferraro did it better. There was something so unique about her costume. It really brought the character to life.

Fashion’s favorite holiday still isn’t over — I cannot wait to see what UR wearing this Halloween!

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