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Trauma dumping in the Campus Times Opinions section

The CT Opinions section provided a safe space, a written outlet where I could delve into my sadness and anger without feeling like a burden.

Commuting, the death of me

As a Rochester native, I wanted to get as far away from here as possible. I wanted to leave everything and everyone behind.

Spill the T(ay)!: To everyone, everything, that’s no longer mine

You left so many pieces of you with me — I’m a mosaic. You gave me pretty stained glass, and when you left it cracked into shards.

Uncanceling canceling

Cancellations and rain checks are scenarios you will encounter often as a college student — and in life — so who can you cancel on?

Spilling the populari-tea

I didn’t expect that when coming to college, I’d suddenly find myself amidst a crowd of people that not only wanted to know me, but wanted to know things about me — even the not-so-savory things.

Long-distance friendships aren’t easy

I miss my friends from home. If you don’t, I’m guessing you either didn’t have friends in high school, or you’re just an emotionless person.

Liv on the Edge: Creativity in the time of corona

It can be hard to find the energy to shift something that was once so easy and meaningful in person to an Internet landscape.

‘Norwegian Wood’ finds hope in the aftermath of suicide

Some might find solace retreating into the comfort of a sensitive book. If that sounds like you, I have the perfect read for this winter: Haruki Murakami’s “Norwegian Wood.”