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Mishap at Rochester Easter egg hunt leaves event organizers scrambling for cover

The plan was simple. All we needed to do was go to the supermarket, get some fake eggs, hide them, and the event would be over... easy.

UR Plagued: A Passover tale

At the start of this month, I decided to embrace the holiday and reread the story of Passover to put myself in the shoes of my ancestors.

How to throw a ‘virtual’ frat party in 2021

With the COVID-19 pandemic turning one full year old (happy birthday, by the way), people are growing impatient. That’s why I made the ultimate guide to throwing a 100 percent virtual frat party.

The diary of a student forgotten in Whipple Park

Hello to whoever finds this in the future. My name is Chad Spike, and I’m quarantining in Whipple Park because I got COVID-19.

Letter to the Editor: In defense of Rocky

Rocky is a valuable, hardworking member of the community, as proven by his business endeavor on campus Rocky’s Sub Shop (and, posthumously until the libs get over this whole virus thing, Lounge).

Junior sets prestigious record for amount of student organization rejections

As of this semester, a Rochester junior has successfully been rejected from all 359 clubs and organizations on campus. Chad Spike, who wished to remain anomalous, spent three years getting kicked out, turned away, and barred entry from literally every organization on campus. 

How to reclaim valentine’s day

You’re probably sitting in your dorm playing solitaire, eating Kraft singles, singing the latest hit singles. Just because you’re single doesn’t mean that you can’t love the day of love, so here are 10 tips to enjoy Valentine’s day solo.