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Sophomore Joey Stempien starts small with his big band

Every Thursday of this semester, you can hunt down sophomore Joey Stempien and his friends at the East Avenue restaurant (and well-known college student sustenance staple) Stromboli’s.

Climate catastrophe? No, says University professor

A GIF of the Wicked Witch of the West from “The Wizard of Oz” saying “I’ll get you, my pretty,…

Note for Nadia: I love being socialized

I welcome you to form your own as you follow along through some choice excerpts of Pentolino’s “I love being a woman” with me.

Elena’s LEGOs

I’m scrambling. How had this all gone so wrong so quickly? Luckily, I had Markup. I was good, maybe too good. He gobbled my lies right up. 

Her Name Was Rosemary! She Was an “It”-Girl!

What have we gained from this? I ask this genuinely, because I do not know. If we are Sisyphus, Party School is our rock.

Is Rush Rhees haunted? Maybe, Scare Fair organizer says

Friday was Rush Rhees' 25th annual Scare Fair. Read about the fair's origins and the spooky myths surrounding it.

Her name was Rosemary! She was an “It”-Girl!

Mills’ relationship with Rosemary feels actively teenage and real, which makes the humor that follows it fall flatter.

What the first-years want you to know

We never knew about Danforth being closed on the weekends or the maze that is Rush Rhees. We didn’t know how much we’d miss home.

CT Views: Todd Theatre’s “Orlando”

“Orlando” may be the second most campy thing to hit campus — falling just short of Sigma Delta Tau’s annual Mr. UofR pageant.