Bryan Burke
Humor Editor
Class of 2025

Articles by Bryan

Dam Funny: A Review of “Hundreds of Beavers” – North America’s Largest Rodent Takes Center Stage

Our protagonist awakes in shoulder-deep snow. He is alone, without any worldly possessions. His applejack business is as good as gone.

Rust, Rude Remarks, and Waterlogged Trunks: The Northwest Auto Mall Nightmare

At no point did he utter the phrase “New York State Inspection,” and the vehicle failed to display an inspection sticker.

System.out.println(“Coding on paper.”);

I enjoy the occasional coding problem, as the differently-colored special words scratch a certain itch deep, deep down in my monkey brain.

Sports! A layman’s perspective

7:19: They warm up? Music was cut, and now they're just playing. The puck is very small, and I cannot see anything.

The basement of Carlson Library is literally the backrooms

No one comes here to hang out. Only to come close to a mental breakdown and hammer out the worst problem set known to man. 

Her Name Was Rosemary! She Was an “It”-Girl!

What have we gained from this? I ask this genuinely, because I do not know. If we are Sisyphus, Party School is our rock.

UR ASME’s 21st Pumpkin Launch helps student organizations soar to new heights

Seasoned viewers, first timers, on-campus, and off-campus community members alike ogled the soaring squashes.

The mice make me crazy

Wait! There is still hope! We are not animals. We have technology! Google says mouse traps. I say let the arms race begin.

Her name was Rosemary! She was an “It”-Girl!

Mills’ relationship with Rosemary feels actively teenage and real, which makes the humor that follows it fall flatter.

CT Views: Todd Theatre’s “Orlando”

“Orlando” may be the second most campy thing to hit campus — falling just short of Sigma Delta Tau’s annual Mr. UofR pageant.