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The actors’ world of false advertising

An actor’s job is, well, to act. What is the issue with presenting themselves as someone they are not if they are successfully performing a role?

We’re all just hamsters on the wheel of academic validation

Never mind. All the grades were just posted to Blackboard and there is not a single A in sight.

The mysterious case of the disappearing hobbies

If nothing we do reflects our interests beyond career aspirations, then a whole chunk of who you are is left behind.

Navigating the world of online mental health awareness

On social media, a creator describes a list of symptoms that leads them to conclude they have depression. The weird thing is, those symptoms sound a lot like things you experience every day.

STEM vs. humanities: The ongoing, counterproductive debate

Maybe we’ve all been wasting our time debating the relative worth of the two fields, and instead accidentally devaluing both by overlooking their individual and combined merits.

The UR Student Guide for Lecture Preparation

As with many things in life, it’s all about being prepared.

Free tuition? C’mon, UR is being too generous.

We all know that the more expensive something is, the more undoubtedly prestigious it is, duh.

Media versus the age of nostalgia

The past has always been a source of inspiration, so where is the line between low quality remakes and true homages?

The infinite supermarket of labels

Nowadays, there is a special term for almost everything under the sun.

Why the modern Renaissance man needs to change

I don’t see how conformity is worth the risk of an almost inevitable collapse of personal spirit and drive.