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Letter to the Editor: UR’s love-hate relationship with the 19th Ward

Understanding the Ward’s history as a segregated neighborhood helps explain the way it exists today, with racist bridge fears permeating the University campus.

Goodbye forever, Frat Road!

All those nights where we danced in someone else’s basement, I couldn’t help but think about violence.

Waiting for Frat Road

This weekend, the fraternity quad transformed into pre-industrialized 19th century Siberia.

House of Guitars is a beautiful beast

If you drive past the main parts of the city, ignoring landmarks like the hip South Wedge neighborhood, Eastman School…

What is The Jenny?

I've been involved with the Campus Times for four years, since my freshman year. First, as a writer, then editor…

An engaging concert with Aminé

“You’re beautiful,” said Aminé, very politely.    “I know!” screamed the crowd in response.   “You’re very fucking beautiful.”   …

Frat Review: Balloons

Some people are good sports, some are bad sports. Some are old sports, some are new sports, like the game…

Frat Review: Walkthrough edition

Wow, do I love when a big pastrami sandwich dribbles its sauces and gosses into my little lap. There were…

James Joyce’s ‘The Odyssey’: PKT edition

My vagina. My vagina. My vagina. Now that that's out of the way, I went to Phi Kappa Tau this…

ADP’s Ice Age, reviewed

UR fraternity Alpha Delta Phi held a party named after Ice Age on Saturday night. I attended it with my fraught adult body.