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An ode to being dumb and stupid

I’m a staunch advocate of constantly learning in ways that aren’t directly attributed to your degree plan.

We need fratiquette

Just because it’s a frat doesn’t mean it’s a barn, or that you suddenly live there because you’re drunk.

CT Spooky: The terrible, horrible, no good, very bad frat party line

As the students slowly converged around the dark porch, a voice of authority made his will known. “Get the fuck off the porch or nobody is getting in!”

Dry frats: student responses

Colleges and universities nationwide  have faced controversy surrounding fraternities and sororities for years. Drinking and hazing scandals aside, some take…

Frat Review: Walkthrough edition

Wow, do I love when a big pastrami sandwich dribbles its sauces and gosses into my little lap. There were…

ADP’s Ice Age, reviewed

UR fraternity Alpha Delta Phi held a party named after Ice Age on Saturday night. I attended it with my fraught adult body.