I’ve been involved with the Campus Times for four years, since my freshman year. First, as a writer, then editor of Culture and of Illustrations, and then Managing Editor, which is the one that will look the most impressive on my resume. 

My accumulated years at this paper have made me care about it and the people within it very much. I also care about our successes and our expansions as a reputable, completely student-run newspaper. 

Two years ago, we went digital. It was a step towards being more in tune with the rest of the world, where engagement is online and anyone with an internet connection has access to a trove of information. Online engagement is nothing to sneer at — information is powerful and newspapers like ours are in charge of sending it out. That’s why I want to take our digital presence even further. 

This year, I’m acting as the Editor-in-Chief of a new Campus Times initiative — an online only monthly magazine called The Jenny. This magazine will have an emphasis on community and global culture rather than on-campus activities, in addition to having a feminist, woman-focused slant. 

Each issue will have a theme, and writers will be able to write pretty much whatever they want that makes sense for that theme. For example, this month’s theme is “hunger,” and this issue will be home to a variety of content, including political commentary, a personal essay on Judy Blume, and a review of the vagina-teeth movie “Teeth.” God, I love vaginas. 

Anyone of any gender can contribute. Long essays are encouraged, and so is old news. I’m just interested in thoughtful analysis and deep engagement with art. I want to be moved, I want us all to be moved together. 

The internet moves information fast, but that doesn’t mean that the information we access has to be limited to the next best thing. Culture gives everyone a chance to slow down, to splash around in emotions and colors and pretend like the world is different. The Jenny is interested in how people see the world as different. I’m hoping that you’ll tell me. 

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