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1. On Monday, April 1, Security officers responded to a report of a vehicle parked in the DeKiewiet courtyard, UR Security Investigator Roger Keirsbilck said.

However, upon the officers’ arrival, the vehicle was gone.

After checking the area, the officers were able to track the car back to a parking lot on campus, where they located the driver.

The driver, identified as a UR student, admitted to having parked on the courtyard and driving on the sidewalk.

Officers advised the student not to do so in the future.

The student fully cooperated and agreed not to do so again.

No damage was reported.

Men start day drunk

2. On Sunday, March 31, at 1:40 p.m., Security officers at the Eastman

School of Music observed three men drinking beer at the Miller Center Courtyard.

The Rochester Police Department (RPD) was contacted and responded to the scene.

Prior to RPD’s arrival, one of the men had left.

RPD contacted the other two and determined the men to be unaffiliated with UR.

According to Keirsbilck, the two were warned and escorted from the property without further incident.

Laptop nabbed from forgotten backpack

3. On Thursday, April 4, a student reported having left his jacket and backpack in the Danforth Dining Center, Keirsbilck said.

The student said that he had left the items in Danforth for approximately three hours after eating dinner before returning to reclaim the items.

The student spoke with a manager who stated that a backpack as well as a coat had been found.

The student retrieved the items and identified them as his own but noted that the laptop was missing from his bag.

Anderson windows bend, don’t break

4. On Saturday, April 6, security officers responded to a report of a broken window at the main entrance to Anderson Tower.

Officers found that two window panes were completely cracked.

However, the window panes adjacent to the main entrance doors were still intact.

According to Keirsbilck, no responsible party was found.

Smith is a member of the class of 2014.
Information provided by UR Security.

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