Senate Summary

Senate Summary: 4/24/17

The new SA Senate held its speaker selections.

Senate Summary: 4/17/17

ACJC planned to hear an appeal.

Senate Summary: 4/10/17

Appropriations Committee (SAAC) Chair Nick Mavrelis announced that he had written his own draft constitution to be voted on in next week’s spring elections.

Senate Summary: 4/3/17

The Students' Association (SA) Senate debated the merits of a change to its bylaws that would alter the ways in which senators can use executive session.

Senate Summary: 3/27/17

The Students’ Association (SA) Senate passed a bill for fossil fuel divestment.

Senate Summary: 3/20/17

The Constitution Task Force (CTF) hasn’t met recently, and its progress was again questioned.

Senate Summary: 3/6/17

Provost and Dean of the Faculty of ASE Peter Lennie, Dean of the College Richard Feldman, and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Jonathan Burdick gave a presentation to the Students’ Association (SA) Senate.

Senate Summary: 2/27/17

Several senators noted that public events and outreach proposed—forms, polls, town halls, and public forums—had not been brought up at all.

Senate Summary: 2/20/17

The Academics Committee is adapting the Student Life Bill to be more transparent.

Senate Summary: 2/13/17

Speaker of the Senate Lindsay Wrobel met with senior Stephen Wegman over the past week, and an ultimatum was issued.