Meeting Date: 2/20/17

Top take

  • SA Senate finished in record time: the meeting lasted only 30 minutes.

Other bits

  • The Academics Committee is adapting the Student Life Bill to be more transparent.

  • Academics is benchmarking peer institutions for classes on nutrition/fitness and success.

  • Academics is brainstorming ideas for programs and events to educate students about proper nutrition and how to stay healthy.

  • UR eSports was granted preliminary status.

  • SOAR grading is almost complete. Feedback letters are set to go out next week.

  • The Campus Services Committee is meeting with Dean Burdick on multilingual maps and campus tours.

  • The Elections and Rules Committee is reviewing appeals and steering process.

  • The Constitution Task Force had a long session tentatively scheduled from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. Friday, where it planned to discuss the structure of the SA Constitution.

  • The Student Life Committee is continuing to work on staff recognition awards.

  • Student Life is aiding RSA in events.

  • $271 was released to MSAB for a conference.

  • ACJC selections are coming up, and it is looking for three new people.

  • IT is building a survey on Wi-Fi.

  • The SA website has been revamped.

  • SA Vice President Lance Floto and Chief of Staff Linda Shackles are working on the 5K Challenge.

  • A City Council meeting was scheduled for Tuesday about the Riverview driveway.

  • Former Senator Rebecca Mooney and Senator Gabriella Lipschitz were appointed as student organization analysts on ARC.

  • Annemarie Kearns, Onur Bagoren, and Corey Change were appointed as student accountants for SAAC.

  • Former SA President Grant Dever reached out to Senate to encourage calling members of the NYS Assembly and Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office to pass legislation for ridesharing in upstate N.Y. Senate is considering passing a resolution in support of such legislation. SA President Vito Martino encouraged calling state assembly members. The issue will be further discussed by SA.

  • Senator Gil is attempting to bring a program to UR that will send students to Yale to learn about international relations, especially relations between the United States and the EU.

  • Senator Bodek said she will be writing an op-ed to the Campus Times in response to an article discussing reactions to this year’s 5K Challenge.

Next meeting

  • Monday, February 27, at 8:00 p.m. in the Gowen Room

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