By: Marianne Williamson

With Donald Trump unable to post his bond of $454 million, New York Attorney General Letita James will be seizing Rush Rhees Library to recoup the former’s president’s unpaid liabilities.

A visual hallmark of the River Campus, the building was constructed in 1927 thanks to donations from Frederick Trump, American real estate developer and father of the infamous former president. 

The building notably does not bear any Trump branding, unlike his other properties. However, Trump said in an interview that Rush Rhees is an indispensable part of his real estate portfolio.

“I walked in here, I said, ‘Wow what a nice building.’ One of the best buildings,” Trump said. “So many books. What the hell are they doing with all these books? The book community loves me.”

Though the real estate mogul has claimed almost $500 million in cash, the former president is facing a cash crunch. Claims suggest $1 billion will be needed to continue management of Trump’s real estate company, and 30 insurance companies have refused to accept his properties as collateral.. With James registering her judgment in Westchester County, that crunch becomes much more dire — and Rush Rhees inches one step closer to the forefront of a notorious fire sale.

Williamson is a graduate student in crystal theory.

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