TOOP brings the love to Halloween with Pride and Prejudice

Pride & Prejudice is a tried-and-true, fan-favorite romcom, but this staging brought a vivacity and life to its text.

Frontispace’s new exhibit is haunted

This is because I am dumb. The flesh computer in my head needs patterns to look at. I wish I could see this art for what it is.

Getting lei’d in Hirst Lounge

What are you supposed to do with a lei after you receive one? Yuen explained that leis are not meant to be thrown away; they should instead be left outside to return to nature. She also mentioned that in Hawaii, the first day of May is a celebration called Lei Day, which the club hopes to do an event for in the future. 

“Hedwig and the Angry Inch” brings identity euphoria to those on and off stage

The show guided me through an emotional rollercoaster, identity crisis, and musical bombardment all in one.

Alexandra Cousteau makes waves in contemporary ocean conservation

In her presentation this past week, Alexandra Cousteau, a world-renowned environmental advocate, offered a glimmer of hope in an age of overwhelming nihilism.

Exploring local offerings at the holiday shopping fair

It’s nice that the University made shopping local more accessible to students, especially as UR can be a bit of a bubble.

A mixed review of Mr. U of R

This year’s Mr. U of R was a welcome return of in-person shenanigans and college kid tomfoolery. Not every joke landed, but everyone had a great time cheering for everybody else.

Screaming Into the Void: A night with UR’s creative writing faculty

The process is the best part of writing — or any art form, for that matter. It’s where one can find the joy in building their own unique world.

OBOC stuns with “Something About This Night”

Although the group is not wholly composed of innate performers, OBOC’s members’ passion for musical theatre is evident in every number.

She is beauty, she is space

Stargazing is a fun way to de-stress, clear your mind, and just exist with the world around you while seeing something truly beautiful.
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