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Research at Rochester: Rajaoberison helps explore the universe through machine learning

Rajaoberison writes machine learning algorithms to help James Webb’s 18 primary mirrors position themselves and counter piston phase error.

Psychological Warfare: Midterms

It has come to light that one class had five midterms during the semester, resulting in a syllabus that created a rip in the time space continuum, which could become a ticking time bomb for Earth due to the inherent paradox of a test that happens at the midway point happening four more times during the semester.

We need to see the other side of the table

Education happens through conversation. I believe that when it comes to antisemitism and anti-Israel language on campus, it’s a discussion that needs to be had, not a lecture.

Psychology Bets

The students made bets on which major they thought they could get to burn down our beloved Rush Rhees Library

Davidson overcomes a rough crowd

UR proved last night why comedians can’t perform at colleges anymore. I am glad to have had the opportunity to see Davidson perform. However, I was not proud to be a Yellowjacket last night.

What if we kissed in breakout room 3… ahaha… jk… unless…

Thank god classes will be in person on Jan. 31 so we can all go back to good old random frat party hookups (and then ignoring said hookups for  the next two weeks despite seeing them everywhere on campus).

UR Baja SAE challenges students to design and race off-road vehicles

UR Baja SAE is a student organization on campus that designs, manufactures, assembles, analyzes, and then races a single-seat off-road vehicle.

Day in the Life: A Mechanical Engineer major and Legal Studies minor

Junior Kimberly Heagerty is majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Legal Studies.   

Rocky gets sexy, then swarmed

She and her friends brainstormed all the sexy costumes they could think of, such as a sexy Veggie Tales, a sexy “drop dat apple” Isaac Newton, a sexy Griswold v. Connecticut, and a sexy Grab & Go sandwich, until finally they arrived at sexy Rocky the Yellowjacket.

Meet the UR student making national waves for women in baseball

Since the young age of 5, Greenwood has been playing baseball. Now she is a catcher for UR Baseball and on the USA Baseball 2021 National Team Development Program roster, aiming to play at the international level.