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Libraries out of calculators, students turn to the dark arts

In replacement of the calculators, the libraries have begun to hand out abacuses to students, and offering lessons on how to use them. 

CPE holds voter registration drives to boost turnout

With midterm elections rapidly approaching, students in the Center for Political Engagement are working to increase student engagement with the voting process.

Psychological Warfare: Midterms

It has come to light that one class had five midterms during the semester, resulting in a syllabus that created a rip in the time space continuum, which could become a ticking time bomb for Earth due to the inherent paradox of a test that happens at the midway point happening four more times during the semester.

Student unaware exam mistakes are changing laws of the universe

The first-year’s eldritch ignorance first came to attention when a faulty use of the buoyancy equation sunk every vessel in the South China Sea.