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New COVID restrictions allow in person sports despite remote learning

In response to surging cases in Monroe County, the University announced updated COVID-19 guidelines for students.

Carnivorous dandelions are coming to campus

To cut down on the campus’ unmanageable yellowjacket infestation, a UR professor has released her research on breeding carnivorous dandelions.

Goddamn yellowjackets everywhere

From the Humor Section: According to many sources on the University’s historic River Campus, there are yellowjackets absolutely all over the goddamn place.

CT Advice: How to survive Yellowjacket swarms

Yellowjackets (Vespula cappella) are great for the local ecosystem, but they’ve been known to swarm.

Yellowjackets are fun, energetic in fall show

On Saturday, Nov. 17, the Yellowjackets showcased their lively performances of love songs supported by vibrant theatre effects. The visual…

YellowJackets make Disney magic in Spring Show

With a theme like “Disney,” you might have expected the YellowJackets spring show this past Saturday to be a little…

YellowJackets’ service trip strikes a dissonant chord

The Yellowjackets trip is voluntourism at its very worst. It is a group of well-educated, primarily white men, traveling to a developing country so that they can take an Instagram picture with poor children, brandishing the hashtag #musicsaveslives. I'm sure the kids they “saved” will love the post.

The YellowJackets respond to recent controversy

We know our experience will be inspiring, exciting, and memorable, and we hope that our hosts in Maseno, Kisumu, Butere, and Nairobi will find the exchange as meaningful as we will. We are grateful for the kindness and generosity of our hosts and humbled to be welcomed into their community.

YellowJackets crush cancer

The letters Y and J were cast in blue light as the Yellowjackets walked across the stage on Saturday, three of them wearing their yellow blazers for their last performance in Strong Auditorium.