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A retrospective, After Hours

It is After Hours’ soloists that really make the EP, with voices from graduates I haven’t heard in years.

“Destroyed by mouth sounds:” a cappella demolition

His basic game plan: attract attention with a high D and wrist flourish to distract passerby, while the demolition team’s other members bulldoze campus property with equipment rescued from that one Elmwood Avenue construction site.

A mid-season review of a cappella, UR’s most publicized sport

While regular Rochester sports all share a theme of sucking ass, a cappella thrives on the ability to adapt, and you can't tell us it's not a sport.

A survival guide to a cappella season

Tip #1 may help mitigate your frustration levels if you aren’t a fan of people getting overly hyped about making mouth sounds.

Yellowjackets are fun, energetic in fall show

On Saturday, Nov. 17, the Yellowjackets showcased their lively performances of love songs supported by vibrant theatre effects. The visual…

Ramblers welcome newcomers in “Day Off”

The line for tickets to the Midnight Ramblers’ fall show, “Midnight Rambler’s Day Off,” wound around the lobby of Strong…

A cappella groups fundraise for clean water with Engineers Without Borders

UR Engineers Without Borders put on their fifth-annual benefit concert this past Saturday, Oct. 20, featuring performances by UR a…

Vocal Point performs an ‘Incredible Show’case

With all the excitement surrounding the future release of “Incredibles 2” (and the forever appreciation for the meme the original…

YellowJackets make Disney magic in Spring Show

With a theme like “Disney,” you might have expected the YellowJackets spring show this past Saturday to be a little…

Trebellious and the Midnight Ramblers compete at ICCA semifinals

UR a cappella groups Trebellious and the Midnight Ramblers competed at the 2018 International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella Centra…