With all the excitement surrounding the future release of “Incredibles 2” (and the forever appreciation for the meme the original movie spawned), it is only fitting that the all-female acappella group Vocal Point adopted it as the inviting and enticing theme for its spring showcase.

The performance featured outstanding arrangements, solos, and tributes — like a run-through of the “Incredibles” theme, which made my Pixar heart sing.

Suffice it to say I am an immense acappella fan, but I know general music well enough to be able to spot flaws, irregularities, and a couple wrong notes; in all honesty, even though a time or two it felt as if their voices didn’t all completely meld together to create a uniform wall of sound, there is no denying that the performers knocked it out of the park.

As always, a piece or two shined more so than the others, and, as with each spring showcase for groups on campus, the senior moments were heartfelt and phenomenal.

Each senior tribute and performance was memorable, brought tears to the eyes of many, including myself, and made apparent the family nature that many groups, including Vocal Point, possess.

“Hollow,” arranged by junior Jane Huffer, was a piece that left me with goosebumps all thanks to the soloist, sophomore Lilo Blank. I always feel that, especially with acappella, if you can just have this break in the song to do something that sets the cover apart from the original, that is the essence of it all. This version to me embodied that, and when everything dies down and the soloist’s voice just rings out, you can’t help but feel it.

Another standout was “Feelin’ Good/House of the Rising Sun,” a mashup arranged by senior Sophia Stone, soloed by sophomore Deborah Fan, and first-year Shivi Gunawardane. Both of those songs l are classics in my eyes, and it is tricky to cover either of them in a way that is worthy. The soloists, arrangement, and my own general love of the songs merged to create a mashup that will be stuck in my memory for ages to come.

Rochester Bhangra is always a campus-wide favorite due to its never-ending energy, bubbly choreography, love for the culture, and beautifully colored attire. Their guest performance ensured entertainment, smiles, and memorable moments from the minute you strolled into Strong Auditorium.

For all those who are fans of “The Greatest Showman,” the show ended on a powerful and wonderful note with a rendition of “This is Me,” featuring the departing seniors Becca Galer, Susanna Chhibber, and Sophia Stone. The song’s message already gets me and to hear it with a good arrangement and beautiful harmonies just brought it even more to life.

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